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Evidence-Based Edtech: ESSA Tier 3

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Evidence-Based Edtech ESSA Tier 3 Product Certification

Evidence that an edtech product has had a positive impact on students’ learning is key for understanding that piece of technology’s potential.

The Evidence-Based Edtech product certification is aligned with Tier 3 of the ESSA Tiers of Evidence. This certification demonstrates that, in addition to having tools and features that have been designed to center learning sciences research, a product has evidence, in the form of a well-designed quantitative study, of positive benefits for learners.

Learn more about the development of the Evidence-Based Edtech: ESSA Tier 3 product certification in this blog article.

Certification Requirements

A product that earns this certification will provide the following:

  1. A well-defined logic model based on empirical research that provides rationale for intended impact. The logic model, which must be supported by at least five empirical citations, includes a problem statement, inputs, activities/strategies, outputs, and short and long-term outcomes.
  2. An annotated bibliography that cites well-designed, empirical research to describe the basis for and demonstrate five significant and distinct design decisions.
  3. One well-designed research study that has been conducted to understand the impact of the product with learners and/or educators. Well-designed correlational, quasi-experimental, or randomized studies are eligible.
  4. Easy access for education practitioners, learners, and communities to see the product’s research basis.
  5. A signed FERPA letter to ensure data privacy.

This certification expires after two years. Earners are welcome to re-apply to retain certification status.

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