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Partner-Issued Certifications

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Digital Promise partners with other nonprofit organizations to develop, award, and/or host certifications based on their areas of expertise. Hosted certifications can be found on our product certification platform, and applicants undergo the same submission and assessment process as all Digital Promise certifications. The non-profit partner issues the awarded certification.

Universal Design for Learning by CAST

Developed with CAST, this certification recognizes products that align with an accessibility baseline and the nine UDL Guidelines. Learn more about the Universal Design for Learning product certification on CAST’s website.

Prioritizing Racial Equity in AI Design by the Edtech Equity Project

Developed with the Edtech Equity Project, this certification recognizes products that proactively identify and minimize racial bias in the product’s algorithms and design.

Project Unicorn Interoperability Certification

Developed by Project Unicorn, this four-tiered certification is awarded to products that prioritize the seamless, secure, and controlled exchange of usable data between edtech tools. Learn more about this certification on Project Unicorn’s website.

What other certifications are there? Learn more about the Evidence-Based Edtech: ESSA Tier 3 product certification here.

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