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The best way to know your edtech product meets the needs of teachers is to continually include them in your design process.

Educator expertise is critical for the development of any edtech product. Their insights help developers understand not only how their practice can best be supported, but also how the edtech tool can be uniquely positioned to do so. This certification recognizes products that take practitioner input seriously by building relationships with them, involving them in design activities, and sharing their impact back to them.

It is important for vendor partners to come into a relationship they are attempting to establish with an understanding of what the priorities, strengths, and areas of challenge that a district or school community brings. The authenticity of their interest in learning about a district and willingness to listen and show flexibility is crucial.
Dr. Rebekah Kim
Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Kent School District

Certification Requirements

A product that earns this certification will demonstrate the following:

  1. A process leverages relationship-building and collaborative design-based engagements to learn about education communities’ strengths, needs, and priorities; learn how the tool is used in practice; and consider how to better support historically and systematically excluded learners and/or practitioners.
  2. Findings from the design-based engagements impact iterative product design and/or product roadmapping.
  3. Specific staff members on the product team, or outside experts working in partnership, are responsible for building iterative, multi-touchpoint relationships with educator practitioners with the explicit intention of learning more about user needs and building educator capacity to utilize the tool.
  4. The contributors are directly made aware of their influence on the changes.

This certification expires after two years. Earners are welcome to re-apply to retain certification status.

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