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Product Certification Criteria

Thanks to significant collaboration and thought partnership from education leaders, instructional coaches, educators, product developers, and education nonprofit leaders, Digital Promise developed the Product Certification Criteria to establish standards for the edtech market. Through qualitative research, we learned what was most important to educators, education leaders, and research-based product designers. The Criteria went through multiple rounds of feedback from district leaders within the League of Innovative Schools, thought leaders in the Learner Variability Project’s Advisory Board, and product teams who engaged in alpha testing to help us improve the first product certification application.

Edtech is a completely opaque marketplace. With common standards, there would be a real opportunity to create this notion of smart demand.
Education Nonprofit Leader

Do you have feedback to help us improve the Product Certification Criteria? Share your insights with our team as we continue to update and improve the criteria that guide Digital Promise’s product certifications:

Digital Promise will use the Product Certification Criteria to create product certifications to signal to education leaders, educators, families, and investors when products meet these collaboratively established standards. Our team’s expertise in research, product implementation, and learner variability has positioned Digital Promise to lead product certifications in these areas. We look forward to opportunities to collaborate with other education nonprofits with additional areas of expertise to create an edtech marketplace that meets the authentic needs of each unique learner.

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