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Check out which products have earned our certifications, along with the criteria for each.

In a time when many companies are creating products to solve a number of issues in schools, we know that not all products are made the same. By obtaining a Research-Based Design product certification from Digital Promise, companies can provide evidence to school leaders of their product’s merit.
Andrew Smith
Assistant Superintendent of Transformation Rowan-Salisbury Schools, North Carolina

How can I trust that Product Certifications align with my priorities?

Digital Promise has designed a research-based framework to guide the development of each product certification. Through a collaborative research and development process with educators and learners across the country, we define, iterate, and pilot criteria before launching the final application.

The framework ensures that each Product Certification:

  • Focuses on a single competency based on authentic learning need.
  • Identifies a key method backed by educator and administrator expertise.
  • Requires the submission of evidence.
  • Includes a rubric or scoring guide.

Our Collaborative & Inclusive Approach

Educators and administrators, drawing from student experiences, identify a high-priority edtech product feature or design element (e.g., research-based design, learner variability, etc.).

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Content experts, including educators, researchers and product designers, co-create certification and criteria.

Using Digital Promise’s competency-based framework, an application for edtech tools is developed.

The certification is piloted with product developers to ensure it is valid and reliable.

The certification is launched publicly as a signal to educators that a demonstration of the product’s features have been formally verified.

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