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The Edtech Evidence & Integrity Pledge

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Thank you for your partnership in ensuring each learner has access to edtech tools built based on high-quality research and designed for the diverse range of learners represented across districts and states. The Edtech Evidence & Integrity Pledge is a campaign to bring high-quality edtech products designed to meet the needs of the full diversity of learners to schools, districts, and states across the United States. Please follow the link below to sign the pledge, also described on this page.

School, district, and state education leaders and practitioners drive decisions about the edtech tools learners access throughout their educational experiences. We commit to prioritizing edtech tools designed to create powerful, inclusive, and evidence-based learning experiences for our students.

We Pledge To:

  • Prioritize edtech tools designed based on high-quality research on learning. This entails, among other expectations, requiring edtech companies to have a logic model informed by peer-reviewed, empirical evidence.
  • Prioritize edtech tools that partner with educators to iteratively improve the product to meet authentic classroom needs.
  • Prioritize edtech products that have earned product certifications, including Research-Based Design, Learner Variability, and Practitioner-Informed Design to ensure the product was designed to support impactful learning.
  • Require edtech companies to demonstrate how the tool was designed to support the diverse learners represented in my education system. For example, we will ask questions such as:
    • How do you provide support for English learners and students with disabilities?
    • How do you minimize harm for Black and Latine learners and learners experiencing poverty?
    • How were historically and systematically excluded learners involved in the design and development of your product?
    • How do you disaggregate efficacy research to identify and improve gaps in support to diverse learner subpopulations?

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