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Learner Variability Certification

Our research on the Learner Variability Project (LVP) has demonstrated the tremendous variability among learners. Without designing to reach the full diversity of learners, we risk creating inequitable solutions that support certain kinds of learners and not others, widening opportunity gaps.

Edtech products and services that are grounded, developed, and designed in research with the unique learning needs of students at their core will stand apart from those that are not. Products that earn a seal of certification, like those given by Digital Promise, deliver a high level of assurance and comfort that gives education decision-makers confidence.
Baron Davis
Superintendent, Richland School District Two, South Carolina

Edtech products designed to attend to learner variability are more likely to support the broad range of a learner’s strengths and challenges that can vary in different contexts and that create multiple opportunities for differentiation.

Guiding Criteria

Learn more about what it takes to earn the Learner Variability product certification. What are the criteria and how does the review process work?

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