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Evidence-Based Edtech: ESSA Tier 3 Certified Products

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Congratulations to the following products for earning the Evidence-Based Edtech: ESSA Tier 3 product certification!

Digital Promise has verified that the following products have met the certification criteria and earned the Evidence-Based Edtech: ESSA Tier 3 product certification. These products submitted applications that underwent a rigorous assessment process to certify that the product has a basis in learning sciences research. Additionally, the product has at least one well-designed education research study, aligned to Tier 3 of the ESSA Tiers of Evidence, that indicates that the product was designed to positively impact learning.

To earn the Evidence-Based Edtech product certification, product teams must submit the following artifacts, or evidence:

  1. A well-defined logic model based on empirical research that provides rationale for intended impact. The logic model, which must be supported by at least five empirical citations, includes a problem statement, inputs, activities/strategies, outputs, and short and long-term outcomes.
  2. An annotated bibliography that cites well-designed, empirical research to describe the basis for and demonstrate five significant and distinct design decisions.
  3. One well-designed research study that has been conducted to understand the impact of the product with learners and/or educators. Well-designed correlational, quasi-experimental, or experimental studies are eligible.
  4. Easy access for education practitioners, learners, and communities to see the product’s research basis.
  5. A signed FERPA letter to ensure data privacy.
The Evidence-Based Edtech product certification is not an endorsement of products or their efficacy. The certification intends to help educators narrow their options as they select products to pilot. To learn more about how product certifications can help districts select the right edtech, check out these free resources.
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