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Learner Variability Certified Products

Digital Promise congratulates the following products for earning the Learner Variability product certification. In order to earn the certification, products had to submit artifacts to demonstrate that:

  1. The product offers at least six (6) distinct features, tools, and/or learning experiences that support learners’ social and emotional needs, cognitive abilities, and personal backgrounds and explains in detail how different learners are expected to benefit from each feature/tool/learning experience.
  2. The product identifies, and explains the use of, at least two (2) features that can be adjusted by the users themselves to meet learners’ varying needs.
  3. There is clear, easily accessible, publicly facing information on how the product has been designed to support variation among learners. It also clearly identifies which aspects of learner variability are supported by using the product.
  4. The product developers incorporated input from educators and diverse learners to inform the design features.

The Learner Variability product certification is not an endorsement of products or their efficacy. These product applications have undergone a rigorous assessment process to certify that they are designed with learner variability in mind. The certification intends to help educators narrow their options as they select products to pilot. To learn more about piloting, check out the Edtech Pilot Framework.

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