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Educators consistently say that it is difficult to compare the quality of products. Many edtech products make claims about effectiveness and expected learning gains, but few products can substantiate those claims with research trusted by education stakeholders.

Standards would help those of us being bombarded with products and give us a sense of who to talk to and who we shouldn’t waste our time on.
District Leader
League of Innovative Schools

The Product Certification Criteria define the research standards edtech products should be held to, while the product certifications indicate which edtech tools meet those standards. Together, the Criteria and certifications offer the following solutions:

  • Educators and education leaders can quickly identify products designed to address each student’s variability
  • Educators and education leaders can compare products using reliable measures
  • Educators and education leaders can demand products that offer powerful learning experiences tailored to each unique learner
  • Product developers can identify and understand authentic needs from the field, including attention to research, learner variability, and equity in design and continuous improvement

Explore our product certifications website to learn more about our Research-Based Product Promise campaign, product certification development and research, the Research-Based Design Product Certification, how to earn certifications, and how to use product certifications to solve your challenges with edtech.

Product Certification Criteria

How were the Product Certification Criteria developed and how can it help education stakeholders find products that consider the needs of their unique learners?

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How to Earn Certifications

Learn how edtech product teams can apply to earn product certifications.

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