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Edtech has the potential to transform learning opportunities and experiences when product designs center learner needs and priorities.

Standards would help those of us being bombarded with products and give us a sense of who to talk to and who we shouldn’t waste our time on.
District Leader
League of Innovative Schools

Educators consistently say that it is difficult to trust product claims and to compare the quality of edtech products. While products make claims about their qualities and features, without an unbiased third-party to verify, how could the information be trusted?

Product Certifications aim to:
Our Vision:

  • Offer education leaders trustworthy, reliable, and transparent information about products

  • Provide products with access to clearly articulated purchaser expectations and needs

  • Education leaders can compare products using reliable, consistent measures

  • Products must provide proof to back their claims

  • Product developers can prioritize authentic needs from the field and best practices in design, development, and implementation

  • Educators can optimize the use of edtech products to ensure their learners thrive

Our Collaborative & Inclusive Approach

Educators and administrators, drawing from student experiences, identify a high-priority edtech product feature or design element (e.g., research-based design, learner variability, etc.).
Content experts, including educators, researchers and product designers, co-create certification and criteria.
Using Digital Promise’s competency-based framework, an application for edtech tools is developed.
The certification is piloted with product developers to ensure it is valid and reliable.
The certification is launched publicly as a signal to educators that a demonstration of the product’s features have been formally verified.

Product Certifications offer educators and administrators trustworthy information about edtech.

Product Certifications articulate discrete criteria, prioritized by educators and administrators. Edtech applicants provide specific evidence to demonstrate that the tool meets the criteria.
Each Product Certification development process engages educators and administrators in defining the criteria and undergoes multiple rounds of testing with products to ensure a meaningful signal to consumers and a streamlined process for product applicants.
Products can start and continue their Product Certification journeys on their own time, without deadlines. Applications remain open permanently.
Product Certifications are Open Badges which can be displayed on product websites and edtech procurement platforms.


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