Open Badges - Product Certifications

Open Badges

Product Certifications Apply to Earn

Product Certifications are issued as Open Badges. Awarded applicants receive the Open Badge to display in any way they deem valuable, such as on product websites and product index sites.

The Open Badge displays:

  • Competency statement
  • The issuing organization
  • The issue date
  • The expiration date
  • Learner/grade levels
  • Subject areas
  • Product version and date it was released
  • Required operating systems/platforms
  • The learning or challenge the product intends to address, as described in your application

You may also opt-in to sharing one, some, or all of the content application questions in the Open Badge. Check out this blog to learn more about Open Badges.

Why is earning an Open Badge valuable?

Open Badges empower product companies to share their certification status on multiple platforms with information about the issuing organization to build trust with current and potential purchasers.

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