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Empowering education leaders to be critical consumers

Selecting the right edtech is crucial. Timely, relevant information about product quality can be difficult to find, so we work with districts to develop product certifications and resources to help education leaders narrow options based on their needs and priorities.

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Our certifications are co-designed with district leaders, practitioners, learners, and edtech experts to ensure authentic need drives the work. On top of this, we believe research about products that includes representation across diverse communities–particularly students of color, students impacted by poverty, and their teachers–leads to better edtech.

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When student learning is at stake, it’s critical that edtech tools share their research and evidence basis, along with transparency around data collection and use. We believe vendors should be partners to districts and offer full transparency in the development and ongoing continuous improvement of the product.

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Learning and continuous improvement

Product certification criteria inform the field of education leaders’ priorities. When applicants don’t meet criteria, they’re provided confidential feedback to help them better understand how their application can better align to meet the needs of the field.

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Objective assessment

Applications are assessed using a rigorous rubric—co-designed with education leaders, practitioners, and learners—that requires edtech applicants to submit evidence to demonstrate fulfillment of certification criteria. Assessors only review materials submitted in the application to determine if the application meets the requirements. No other factors are considered, including knowledge of the product outside of what is presented in the application.

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