Frequently Asked Questions - Product Certifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Certifications Apply to Earn

Questions about the Certifications

What certifications are currently accepting applications?

When will I hear back with results? How long does the review process take?

How can I share that my product has earned the certification?

What types of products qualify for this certification?

What if my product does not earn the certification?

Who will access the application responses?

Do we need to sign the Research-Based Product Promise when we apply for the certification?

Questions about the Applications

When does the application close?

Who from my team should contribute to the application?

What is an approximate time commitment to complete this application?

Is there a fee associated with applying to the certification?

What qualifies as a public-facing artifact?

Do efficacy and/or impact studies count toward the Research-Based Design product certification?

Additional questions?

Reach out to the project team with any additional questions at

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