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Education technology driven by research about how people learn has the potential to provide pathways to equitable, high-quality learning opportunities and experiences for each learner.

A Research-Based Design product certification from Digital Promise provides a valuable metric for superintendents and educational leaders to consider when vetting edtech companies and their products.
Mark Benigni
Superintendent, Meriden Public Schools, Connecticut

Today, we know more than ever about how people learn through advances in learning sciences research. By driving product design and development with  research about learning, developers can create powerful learning experiences for diverse learners and educators can feel more confident in the quality of the product.

Learn more about the development of the Research-Based Design Product Certification here.

Certification Criteria

Key Method

Rigorous research on how people learn drives the edtech product’s design and development. A theoretical framework or product roadmap, which is based on research about learning, provides evidence that research guides the product’s development. The product team publicly shares the research that informed their product design.

Method Components

A product that earns this certification will provide evidence of the following:

  • rigorous research about learning that informs and drives design decisions;
  • a theoretical framework that demonstrates the research consulted throughout the design process; and
  • an easily accessible public facing artifact that shares the product’s research basis, such as a blog or video.
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