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Product Certifications Resources

Explore Digital Promise’s free online resources to learn more about learner variability, edtech pilots, and learning sciences research.

Learner Variability Project

Explore the meaning of learner variability and whole-child learning models, based on learning sciences research.

Learner Variability Navigator

Explore our free online tool that translates the science of learner variability into easily accessible learner factor maps and strategies to improve product design and classroom practice.

Edtech Pilot Framework

The Edtech Pilot Framework provides a step-by-step process to help education leaders and technology developers run successful edtech pilots. Check out each step to hear from district leaders, learn helpful tips, and find relevant tools and resources.

Research Map

Explore the latest research findings in education and discover practical tips to apply in your work.

Stories from the Field

Explore the Edtech Marketplace Today blog series to reveal practitioner strategies to improve edtech use and the edtech market.

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